Configure Computer

A Note on Caution

In a perfect world, you’d carefully verify the software you’re installing. However, since this machine won’t store private key material* (and multiple signatures will be required to move funds) it may be acceptable for you to install software that seems correct without properly verifying it using the command-line.

*While we recommend that no private key material ever touch this machine, that setup is slightly more involved and thus you may choose to generate 1 seed on this machine (and then wipe it after). Remember that this alone is not sufficient to steal/lockup funds, so it may present an acceptable tradeoff for smaller HODLers. For more details, see Paper Wallet Setup steps.

Install Ubuntu

You’ll want to download and install the latest Long-Term Support (LTS) version of Ubuntu Desktop (currently 20.04.1). Put the installer on a USB stick or burn it onto a DVD. Both options are good, though we find DVDs are slightly preferable as they are slightly more secure and don’t take up a USB port. See these step-by-step instructions.

Advanced Considerations

Comfortable with the concepts in this step?

Read the advanced considerations that can potentially improve your security here.

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