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Verify Receive Address

It is essential to be sure you control a bitcoin address before you use it to receive funds and verifying multisig receive addresses is slightly more complicated than single-key setups.

In order to securely receive funds, you must verify a given receive address on at least a quorum (m in m-of-n) of your trusted displays. In the default case, this means you would check on both your Cobo Vault and your Coldcard. This is both annoying – the two devices should be kept in different physical locations – and in the case of Coldcard mildly frustrating as they don’t currently support address exploration with an airgap.

Once you have verified your address on a quorum of devices, it is safe to give that address out to a payee. Advanced users can mitigate some of these issues by following these steps.

Table of Contents

  1. Specter Instructions
  2. Cobo Vault Instructions
  3. Coldcard Instructions

Advanced Configuration

Click here for advanced details on how to improve your security at this step.

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