Setup Coldcard

We recommend powering your Coldcard using a portable battery pack (best) or a wall outlet, instead of a computer, because we want to maintain as much of an “airgap” as possible.

Communication between your computer and Coldcard should only happen by manually transferring data over a microSD card.

Update Your Firmware

Follow the steps on Coldcard’s website:

Setup Wallet

Follow the steps on Coldcard’s website:

Export Public Key Info to Computer via MicroSD

  1. Insert a microSD into Coldcard and then select: Settings > Multisig Wallets > Export XPUB.

  2. Remove the microSD card from your Coldcard and put it in your computer’s card reader.

  3. On Specter-Desktop: Click + Add new device > Choose files and select the exported file from the SD card:

  4. Give your device a name (e.g. Coldcard) and click Continue.

Advanced Considerations

Comfortable with the concepts in this step?

Read the advanced considerations that can potentially improve your security here.

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