Setup Hardware Wallet Overview


We’re going to configure a 2-of-3 multisignature scheme, meaning you will have 3 keys, and a quorum of 2 will be required to send funds (or safely verify an address to receive funds on).

The three wallets / keys will be:

  1. A “paper wallet” key intended only for backup/recovery purposes - To simplify setup (and reduce upfront costs associated with hardware purchases), this key will be generated on your computer. By design this key is only for backup/recovery, and therefore will hopefully never be needed.
  2. A key generated by your Keystone (formerly Cobo Vault) hardware wallet
  3. A key generated by your Coldcard hardware wallet

While there are a lot of steps here, you only ever need to do them once. After setup is complete, you will be able to generate (nearly) infinite addresses and sign (nearly) infinite transactions.

Table of Contents

  1. Setup Paper Wallet
  2. Setup Keystone
  3. Setup Coldcard
  4. Coordinate Multisig with Specter-Desktop

Advanced Considerations

Comfortable with the concepts in this step?

Read the advanced considerations that can potentially improve your security here.

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