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Coordinate Multisig - Advanced

Verify M, N, and Pubkeys

Even if you have the correct m-of-n (2-of-3), you need to be sure that the public keys used correspond to the private keys you actually control!


You can verify this when setting up your Cobo, or go to Multisig Wallet > Wallet Name > Wallet Info anytime:


On your Coldcard, enter: Settings > Multisig Wallets > Your Wallet Name > View Details:

Because Coldcard uses xpub... while Specter/Cobo use the newer Zpub... standard, the easiest way to do this in practice is to verify a single receive address on the coldcard.

Expert users may be able to convert between xpub and Zpub with a tool like Jameson Lopp’s XPub Converter to verify extended public keys. RTFM for more info: https://coldcardwallet.com/docs/multisig


We want to verify that the pubkey from this piece of paper has been included in our quorum. Confirm that your Zpub... from the Setup Paper Wallet Step is included on your Cobo Vault (above).


We can’t trust this device (we have to assume it’s malware), but it’s still a useful sanity-check:

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